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Mark Sumpter

Real estate transactions should not be stressful, nor should one feel they are getting a spiel. My intent is to work casually and help reduce the stress that comes with “the deal.” I am driven by a passion for helping others and have come to real estate through a non-traditional path. Growing up in a small, rural town in southwestern Ohio, I longed for life in the big city. After graduating from university, I accepted a position as a Chemist with the Procter & Gamble company. It was in that position that I learned marketing and market research, which finally led me to a position in Chicago, realizing my life in the big city dream. From there, I founded a strategy consulting company where my role was to interview and uncover opportunities for companies to better positions themselves, their products, or their services to constituents. After 20 years, I’ve come back to my roots by returning to rural life and a profession once enjoyed by my mother and father. The skills I learned in my previous business taught me to ask better questions. I seek to understand better the unique needs and challenges each client faces in selling or purchasing their home. It’s this passion that lead to the purchase of Eagle Ridge Realty in 2020, and the desire to continue the path of growth as a premier agency in the area.